Saturday, March 15, 2008

Light, Sound, Camera … Action !

Well boys and girls, looks like we have made ourselves a nice shiny blog for our little project. And i think it was about damn time we did just that. Let me tell you the story: i posted the last release at 3:05 AM local time. Then i dropped like a stone and slept till about 8 AM (had to go to work). And then, surprise! i already had 8 downloads, and by the next day, there were news about this project being released with a new version.

This made me think that although, a large percentage of you who use this application are pleased with it, some of you may want something extra. And some of you may even be having trouble with it. So please! go ahead and comment. If you find something that you think it could be done better, please let me know!

Also - i'll have to repeat myself on this one - if you have any experience with c++ or mobile programming and want to get involved in an exciting project (that would be MobileXpdf ) please let me know! I'm in need of a good programmer or two because lately i've simply haven't had enough time to do everything by my own :(

Well , that's about it! What else can i say... cheers and enjoy the show!

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