Friday, November 7, 2008

Who wants candy?

Hello boys and girls, long time no see! (again)

This week i decided that i should move on with this project and so I've set the next version release date around 15 December 2008. I've got a lot of fixes in mind for this next version and also something that I'm pretty sure it'll blow your mind :) (and trust me it's gonna be grand).

As for the rest of it, you know the drill. SUBSCRIBE to this post (I'll try to post more frequently just to let you know how work goes), DONATE something (if you can) so that i can buy another testing platform (and new shoes:) ), or, as you might have noticed, i included an AD SENSE advert in this site. So click the living hell out of it (sorry Google you know I'm yer no.1 fan ;) )

Well that's pretty much it for now. I'll post more details on the upcoming version on sunday. So till then all the best and let the world know about this little project!

Ciochina Gabriel

1 comment:

Adrian Popa said...

Any news on when the "candy" version will be available?