Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Version Now Available for Download !

Hello again boys and girls!

I've just made a new release (looks like in the last one i have forgot to take something out :D )
So I've had to increment the version to (BTW ... i have also incremented the version of the sources, and i uploaded the new source code to CVS )

In conclusion. Please update your application to the new version ASAP.

Best Regards,
Ciochina Gabriel

PS: If you have any comments/requests/issues, please drop me a line ;)

PPS: I have also made some minor modifications to the source code ...

PPPS: For those complaining that the fileopen dialog is not working as expected: before reporting it as a bug , please check to see if your pdf files are located in "%Device%\%My Documents%\My Library" folder. I'll try to fix this in an intermediary version.


Anonymous said...

can open any pdf!

just installed mobilexpdf wm6.

my pda used the wm6 classic and it's japanese os.

when i chose file->open. i c the dialog, but i cannot do anything!

when i associated the pdf to mobilexpdf and double click my file.

the app opened and showed nothing.

Anonymous said...

my mail: iron9light at gmail.com

gCiochina said...

Thanks for the input. Please check your mail!


Anonymous said...

Same for me the File -> Open dialogue doesn't work and hangs the program. This needs to be fixed.

But you can go File -> Options and check "Associate PDF-Files with MobileXpdf". Then all your files will open in it regardless.

Anonymous said...

Hi gciochina, I'm wondering does your reader reads image as well? I use to have this pdf reader (cant remember which) that only reads text.
R, Crystal

gCiochina said...

Hello there!

Yes, MobileXpdf supports both image and text.

It also supports the "View Text Only" mode that extracts the text from a document (for better readability).

Cheers and thanks for your time!

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for clarifying. Here I face another problem, I'm not able to download your program. can you email it to me, please? Thanks.
R, Crystal

Marcin Miłkowski said...

Any chance for some older mobile platforms such as Windows CE 2.11 HPC? There is no decent PDF reader available for them but the larger handhelds could be great ebook readers...

gCiochina said...

Hello there!

After a quick search on Google, i couldn't find any emulators for this version... (might be one for visual studio 6)

Anyways, I'll see what i can do about this one. I'll try to do a little research on the subject tonight and let you know what came up tomorrow morning.

Thanks for posting!
Ciochina Gabriel.

PS: does any of you works at yahoo? those sob's from customer care are giving me a headache!

Marcin Miłkowski said...

AFAIK, the emulator is in the HPC Pro SDK. It's downloadable here:


Anonymous said...

Hi gciochina,

I tried your application on WM 6 Pro device but it could not open any pdf file thought I put these PDF files in "%Device%\%My Documents%\My Library" folder. These PDF files was opened successfully by Foxit reader or Adobe Reader. I don't know why but I think there is some problem with your application.

gCiochina said...

Hey there!

Would you be so kind to send me some of those PDFs that don't work?


Tim said...

My thoughts:

No next page button (pain to have to go into the menu to go to next page) although I did work out you could just hit enter.

Going file-> open couldn't open my files (even though they were put in the My Library folder and were seen by the app). It's also annoying how you can only see the files in My Library from the app and after install pdf's aren't auto associated with the app.

Other than that, it's better than adobe reader, so thanks.

gCiochina said...

Hey Tim!

Thanks for your thoughts. I'll keep em in mind for the next version!. Could you send me some of your PDFs that don't work please?

Thanks again for your appreciation!

Tim said...

It's all PDFs that I try to open through the app that have problems.

Also - I uninstalled this thing as it was just not up to it for me. I'll do without PDF reading for now until there is a mature enough tool out there.

The "Goto Page" thing doesn't work either - when you select it, it lists all the pages, but there is only a "Cancel" button, no "OK" button to actually select the page. Clicking on the page number does nothing except highlight it.

Then I had some weird problem with scrolling - moving my cursor just scrolled the page up and down, then I couldn't actually click on anything (I had to soft-reset my device).

I'm using a Samsung i780 with WM6 by the way.

Anonymous said...


I'm using an iPaq H3870 with WM2003

I was using a previous version and that worked fine no issues.

I've just tried to update the the latest here, the CAB installs OK but when I try to run the program I get an error saying that it is not a valid PPC exe.

Any ideas ?


Anonymous said...

Am I alone on the above issue ?

Has the minimum OS now moved to 2003SE ??


Cristiano said...

Congrats for this great application.

I would like to request the implementation of reflow in MobileXPdf.

With reflow added, MobileXpdf would be one of the best, if not the best pdf reader for WM, in my opinion.